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9th EUROLAG Conference on Coastal Lagoons and Transitional Environments


“Making River-Sea Systems work”

The International Center for Advanced Studies on River –Delta – Sea Systems DANUBIUS-RI is  a pan-European distributed research infrastructure supporting interdisciplinary research on large river-sea systems.

DANUBIUS-RI will fill the gap of fragmented research on European research on river-sea systems, drawing on existing research excellence across Europe, enhancing the impact of European research while maximizing the return on investment. It will provide access to a range of European river-sea systems, facilities and expertise; a ‘one-stop shop’ for knowledge exchange in managing river-sea systems; access to harmonized data; and a platform for interdisciplinary research, inspiration, education and training.


DANUBIUS-RI will offer a source-to-sea perspective to resolve problems arising from human impacts on River-Sea-Systems.



  • State-of-the-art and fit-for-purpose facilities of river to coastal sea observation systems;

  • Development and implementation of interoperable and harmonised methods, tools and models, to achieve comparability across the freshwater-seawater continuum;

  • Data portal to integrate existing data and knowledge across sectors and disciplines, supplemented by new data and syntheses;

  • Smart observation and analytical technologies developed jointly with SMEs;

  • Test beds for nature-based management and restoration solutions;

  • Education and training programmes for scientists;

  • Engagement with public authorities and policy makers through assessment, evaluation and measures to improve the environmental status of River-Sea Systems;

  • Outreach to, and education for, the interested wider public.

In 2013, the project DANUBIUS-RI project is designated as the Flagship Project of the European Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) and in 2016 the project was included on the roadmap of ESFRI (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures),
DANUBIUS-RI will apply for designation as an ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium)


Our Vision for Success in 2030

  • fully-funded operational environmental research infrastructure, which attracts top scientists worldwide;

  • State-of-the-art services and data facilitate collaboration between stakeholders in research, industry, policy and third sector organisations;

  • Contributes to new understandings, effective interventions and policy instruments that ensure the sustainable functioning of River-Sea-Systems and ecosystem service provision;

  • The first generation of young scientists trained by DANUBIUS-RI are internationally recognised specialists in their field;

The River-Sea System approach is established as new paradigm for sustainable management of River-Sea Systems.