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End Users and Stakeholders

A provisional list of end-users and stakeholders who will potential interact with the TTO including the following:

  • Practitioners in the rivers, deltas, estuaries and seas communities:

    • Businesses (e.g. SME - Small to Medium Enterprise and MNC - Multi National Companies where appropriate)

    • Marine Spatial Planners and river / coastal manager

    • Terrestrial planners, regulatory authorities, and public agencies responsible for the monitoring of systems and responding to development proposals

    • Organisations responsible for monitoring and regulating industries who routinely operate in river-sea systems

  • Scientists from across a wide range of disciplines (cross-disciplinary scientists):

    • Encouraging new member to use, or join, the infrastructure

    • Data produced and associated methods and tools being developed and tested will be both of interest and subject to validation by the respective scientific communities to ensure validity and robustness

    • Outputs from the project (e.g. scientific papers) will be subject to peer-review

  • Public audiences:

    • The wider public will be a target audience in terms of awareness of the roles and benefits of DANUBIUS-RI and the promotion of its public image (esteem)

    • Involvement of local communities in citizen science initiatives including data collection

  • Internal Stakeholders:

    • Inventor(s) - to determine the most appropriate vehicle to protect their invention

    • Business development specialists - based in the nodes and supersites to facilitate early identification, and realisation of, opportunities from their local scientific communities

    • Nodes/Supersites - as the host institute of the inventor could also benefit from the invention

    • Technology Transfer Office – where allowable could receive incentives based on successful realization of IP