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DANUBIUS-RI’s Mission is to facilitate and contribute excellent science on the continuum from river source to sea; to offer state-of-the
art research infrastructure; and to provide the integrated knowledge required to sustainably manage and protect River-Sea Systems.


DANUBIUS-RI’s Vision is to achieve healthy River-Sea Systems and to advance their sustainable use, in order to live within the
planet’s ecological limits by 2050.


DANUBIUS-RI’s Goal is to overcome the fragmentation of science, knowledge, data and management approaches in river and seas
by integrating spatial, temporal, disciplinary and sectoral thinking.

DANUBIUS-RI will provide science-based solutions to societal risks arising from global and climate change as well as coincident
extreme events. Likewise, it will offer a source to sea perspective to resolve the problems of adverse human impacts on water and sediment quality and quantity, hydromorphology, and biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.


DANUBIUS-RI will be a distributed research infrastructure offering:
• State-of-the-art and fit-for-purpose facilities of river to coastal sea observation systems;
• Development and implementation of interoperable and harmonised methods, tools and models, to achieve comparability across the freshwater-seawater continua;
• A data portal to integrate existing data and knowledge across sectors and disciplines, supplemented by new data and syntheses;
• Smart observation and analytical technologies developed jointly with small and medium-sized enterprises;
• Test beds for nature-based management and restoration solutions;
• Education and training programmes for scientists;
• Engagement with public authorities and policy makers through assessment, evaluation and measures to improve the environmental status of River-Sea Systems;
• Outreach to, and education for, the interested wider public.