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DANUBIUS-IP is a 36-month Coordination and Support Action to support the ongoing development of DANUBIUS-RI – an environmental Research Infrastructure linking rivers and seas – as it proceeds towards its Operational Phase as an ERIC.

As part of this process, DANUBIUS-RI is building a comprehensive suite of complementary services to facilitate excellent research into environmental and societal risks arising from extreme events and climate change. We offer a source-to-sea approach to tackling problems on water and sediment quality, hydromorphology, biodiversity, and ecosystem functioning / services.

The first call is now open for proposals for making use of selected DANUBIUS-RI services, free of charge, on your own research project. Researchers will get access to 30 complementary services covering in-situ observation and analysis, observation with satellites, radar and laser and modelling.

We believe this pilot call is most suited to early career researchers or PhD students with the ambition to kickstart their careers with a marquee piece of research under the following theme: ‘Water, sediment and biotic variations and their impacts on aquatic ecosystems in River-Sea Systems under extreme events and climate change scenarios’.

Applications will be fully supported by our coordination team, offering help and guidance from experts at our host institutions. To find out more and apply please visit the DANUBIUS-IP website.