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DANS2 project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Competitiveness Operational Program 2014-2020, Component 1 – Call: POC / 699/1/1 / Large CD infrastructures / 1 / Large CD infrastructures, Priority Axis: Research, Technological Development and Innovation (RDI) in support of economic competitiveness and business development.


Large CD infrastructures.

Implementation period:

Decembre 2020- January 2021.

The support project for the preparation of DANUBIUS-RI (DANS2) has as general objectives the completion of the European application for financing the Romanian components, Hub and Supersite Danube Delta, of the pan-European infrastructure DANUBIUS-RI with the studies required by current legislation and preparation of the implementation of the project. construction of the DANUBIUS-RO infrastructure.

DANUBIUS Preparatory Phase

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020-INFRA-DEV 2, Research and Innovation Program (call June 2016, accepted and started on December 1st, 2016 and was finished in 30 November 2019) under grant agreement No 739562.

Consortium of the DANUBIUS Preparatory Phase Project
The DANUBIUS-PP Consortium comprises 30 parteners from 16 countries, and includes representatives of 2 ERICs(ICOS & EMSO). The partners include universities, research institutes, and specialized government bodies, such as the Romanian executive unit for the management of research programmes (UEFISCDI) and RoEduNet (in charge of the national network of e-infrastructures). The Consortium includes a representative from one of the major categories of stakeholders, the Port Authority of Seville, and the academies of sciences from Bulgaria and Moldova. The inclusion in the Consortium of the ICOS and EMSO ERICs is intended to ensure that DANUBIUS-PP can address the integration of the future RI within the landscape of major European research infrastructures. The Consortium also includes a specialized SME providing assistance to funding major Research Infrastructures via Structural Funds (EUROPPORTUNITIES). The partners come from countries that have already supported the process of inclusion of DANUBIUS-RI on the ESFRI 2016 Roadmap, but not exclusively: partners from France, Austria and the Czech Republic will ensure further progress and development of the RI, with a potential to grow in other parts of Europe during the Preparatory Phase.

The Consortium provides a well-balanced mix of competencies required to build DANUBIUS-RI, in terms of both scientific and administrative domains, as well as geography. All Node and Supersite leading and hosting institutions are represented, each being a major research and innovation institution with proven excellence in its field.
The DANUBIUS-PP Consortium builds upon the success of FP7 DANCERS, as well as on parts of existing Integrating Initiatives (e.g. Hydralab), and on the work to put the project on the ESFRI 2016 Roadmap.

Strategy and actions for preparation of the national participation in the DANUBIUS-RI project acronym “DANS”

This project was funded by the Romanian Ministry of research and Innovation through the research, Development and Innovation Program for River, Delta sea Systems-DANUBIUS, Contract no. 4/7.05.2018

Implementation period: May 2018-June 2019

The project aims to support the activities to be carried out by Romania in line with the commitment to coordinate the development of DANUBIUS-RI and to participate in the construction of the components of romanian infrastructure.

Romanian Sectorial Project no. S7/2013

The project aimed at preparing the ESFRI Proposal for DANUBIUS-RI as distributed pan-European research infrastructure. The project started with the establishment of the International Initiative Committee, with the purpose to provide advice and support for the concept, proposal and consortium development. The scope of DANUBIUS-RI was widened from a focus on the Danube river-delta-sea system to large river-sea systems across Europe.

FP7 project DANCERS “DANube macroregion: Capacity building and Excellence in River Systems (basin, delta and sea)”.

EC GA 603805 / 2013report
Research Area: Mobilising environmental knowledge for policy and society, ENV.2013.6.5-2
Start Date: 01/06/2013
End date: 31/05/2015
The project envisaged that these instruments should build upon existing national, regional and European projects. Hence DANCERS has critically analyzed what has been achieved so far in the region to design innovative solutions to strengthen knowledge transfer in this area. 
The main deliverable of DANCERS has been a toolbox of instruments, that include (1) a strategic research agenda; (2) plans of a distributed research infrastructure for the Danube – Black Sea system; and (3) Proposals for an integrated educational program.

Environmental research infrastructures building fair services accessible for society, innovation and research (ENVRI-FAIR), Horizon 2020, INFRAEOSC-04-2018

ENVRI-FAIR is the connection of the ESFRI Cluster of Environmental Research Infrastructures (ENVRI) to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). Participating research infrastructures (RI) of the environmental domain cover the subdomains Atmosphere, Marine, Solid Earth and Biodiversity / Ecosystems and thus the Earth system in its full complexity.

The overarching goal is that at the end of the proposed project, all participating RIs have built a set of FAIR data services which enhances the efficiency and productivity of researchers, supports innovation, enables data- and knowledge-based decisions and connects the ENVRI Cluster to the EOSC.

This goal is reached by:

  1. well defined community policies and standards on all steps of the data life cycle, aligned with the wider European policies, as well as with international developments;
  2. each participating RI will have sustainable, transparent and auditable data services, for each step of data life cycle, compliant to the FAIR principles.
  3. the focus of the proposed work is put on the implementation of prototypes for testing pre-production services at each RI; the catalogue of prepared services is defined for each RI independently, depending on the maturity of the involved RIs;
  4. the complete set of thematic data services and tools provided by the ENVRI cluster is exposed under the EOSC catalogue of services.