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The monograpy “Medicinal and Aromatic Plants from the Wild Flora of Dobrogea (Romania),

is the first work published in Romania, exclusively dedicated to the medicinal and aromatic plant species from the wild flora of Dobrogea, including the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve and it is the result of the research activities performed over a period of six years within several research project implemented by The National Institute of Research and Development for Biological Sciences.

The work describes over 70 medicinal and aromatic plant species illustrated by original photos included in an annex of this work on over 200 pages, with over 700 up-to-date bibliographical references and original photos of the selected species. Each species has a short and comprehensive monograph comprising important aspects regarding the botanical description, traditional and current uses, chemical composition, pharmacological activities, and also precautions and adverse reactions on use.

The authors of this monograph critically analyzed, synthesized and put up to date information from the specialty literature, inserting with scientific accuracy the original contributions, referring to bringing up to date the concept of the identified species diversity in the studied areal, and also new aspects that aim the chorology or the presence in certain habitats, as well as appreciations on the phenophases of the described species.

This monograpy is meant for specialists in the domain, for the students and PhD students in the fields of Biology, Pharmacy, Forestry, Agriculture or Food Industry, as well as for other persons interested to know more aspects referring to the botanical description, traditional use, chemical composition, pharmacological activity and recommendations.