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DANUBIUS-RI Modelling Node will organize 2 Workshops

The workshops will be held virtually using GoToMeetings.

For registration please complete the form at the following link:

The two planned workshops are:


Monday 07/06/2021, 9:30-12:00 CET

The workshop aims at sharing a broad overview on standardization initiatives for model data, with a specific focus on those referring to unstructured grid models, such as the UGRID Initiative, used extensively in river-sea modelling studies. The community is invited to interact, share knowledge, best practices, and identify gaps and opportunities for the River-Sea Systems modelling community. An objective of the workshop is to identify future joint activities and to put in practice some of the approaches discussed and increase the interoperability between models used by the community.

The workshop will host talks by Athina Trakas (OGC), Bert Jagers (Deltares) and Peter Schade (BAW) followed by a roundtable discussion moderated by Bjorn Backeberg (Deltares)

Workshop Agenda

DATE: 07/06/2021 9:30-12

Why Open Standards Matter – an OGC perspective

Presenter: Athina Trakas, Nils Hempelmann (OGC)

15 min

One decade of UGRID conventions

Presenter: Bert Jagers (Deltares)

15 min

UGRID: How to work with data on unstructured grids

Presenter: Peter Schade (BAW)

15 min

Using the CUPID Toolbox to deliver modeled velocity vectors straight into the heart of a shipping simulator

Presenter: Joris Vanlede (Flanders Hydraulics Research)

5 min

Discussion, round table

Presenter: Bjorn Backeberg (Deltares)

45 min

Presentation of DANUBIUS-RI Modelling Node WG2 Hackathon: Developing tools to write model output data to a common UGRID netcdf data standard

Presenter: Bjorn Backeberg (Deltares)

15 min


Monday 14/06/2021, 9:30-12:00 CET

This second workshop addresses different approaches and tools developed by the modelling community to analyse water properties and dynamics in River-Sea Systems. The aim is to discuss available analysis approaches, scientifically robust analysis methods, identify the gaps, exchange experiences, and identify suitable methodologies and code to be implemented in River-Sea System studies. The workshop will host talks by Julia Benndorf (BAW), Hans Burchard (Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research), Georg Umgiesser (CNR-ISMAR) and Joanna Staneva and Johannes Pein (HZG) and a roundtable discussion moderated by Julia Benndorf (BAW).

Workshop Agenda

DATE 14/06/2021 9:30-12

Analysis tools: From tidal characteristics to the quantification of tidal fluxes

Presenter: Julia Benndorf (BAW)

15 min

Analysis tools: quantification of exchange flow and mixing in estuaries

Presenter: Hans Burchard

15 min

Analysis tools: quantitities to characterize residence time and age variables in transitional environments

Presenter: Georg Umgiesser

15 min

Model-data comparison on unstructured grids

Presenter: Johannes Pein (HZG)

15 minute

Discussion, round table

Presenter: Julia Benndorf (BAW)

30 minutes

Wrap up – launch of a possible initiatives on common development of few routines /toolkits of analysis based on what shared during the workshop.

15 min

International Conference on Fluvial Sedimentology 2022

10 – 15 July 2022

The conference will be held in Riva del Garda, in Northern Italy, and the preliminary program already includes numerous scientific sessions, field trips, and short courses. We will keep you update soon about the registration for the virtual meeting.

ICFS2021, the road to ICFS2022

(virtual meeting – 14 and 15 July 2021)

During this virtual meeting, the major themes of the scientific sessions scheduled for ICFS2022 will be illustrated by sessions’ proposers. The status of the art of these themes will be illustrated along with the main related research issues. Two Virtual trips will be proposed in the frame of the meeting.